Cultural Center of the City of Egaleo ''Giannis Ritsos'',
Dimarhiou 17 & Kountourgiotou, Egaleo.

Concert with the works of Greek composers
The 7th consecutive year of Anagennisi Concervatory's presentation of Greek contemporary Music.

Saturday 15th May 2010 time 20:30

Works of: Ioannis Kalogerakis, Stelios Kanellopoulos, Stefanos Lekkas, Konstantinos Lignos, Giorgos Malefakis, Giorgos Minas, Nikiforos Nevrakis and Nikos Panagiotakis will be presented.

Participation of the following musicians:
Anagenisi Concervatory Orchestra, Anna Morfidou (vocals), Marina Tzelepi (piano), Fotis Matzaridis (piano), Agelika Papanikolaou (piano), Margarita Mavraki (piano), Stathis Mavromatis (saxophone), Giorgios Dadalias (cl. guitar), Rosalia Giannoulou (flute), Ludmila Katsigianni (flute). Eno Dokolari (clarinet), Konstantinos Vlavianos (violin), Vartyui Karapatian (violin), Fani Paraskevopoulou (violin), Mirela Routsi (cello), Theodoris Xenakis (congas).

The two pieces written by me to be presented today, for flute and cl. guitar (to be played by Rosalia Giannoulou and Giorgos Dadalias) and for alto saxophone and piano (Agelika Papanikolaou, Stathis Mavromatis), have been written with a time difference of about ten-years, namely the former in 1998 and the later in 2009.
For this reason, the aesthetic and stylistic differences between the two pieces are apparent, as within this ten year span, I would like to hope, many things have changed, developed and improved in my manner of writing music. For it is always in search of new personal paths that I endeavour to write a new musical piece.
The first piece has been recorded and played by various musicians. George and Rosa played this piece at the event sponsored by the Greek Composers' Union on April 4th, 2009, where my work as a composer had been presented.
The second piece is dedicated to Agelika and Stathis, as it was written especially for them and first presented on the 23rd of January, 2010 at the Parnassos Concert Hall.

The technical characteristics, the emotional involvement and finally the creation of a special atmosphere combined with the exceptional expressional and technical abilities of Agelika and Stathis, give this piece a unique touch, which has to do with what I'm trying to overcome as a composer and musician during this phase of my life.

Nikos Panagiotakis.

Greek Composers' Union 2009-2010 - Concert
Music of the World - 8th Cycle

Thursday 04 March 2010, 20:30

Myth and Dream

Babis Kanas - six songs - poem by D.H. Lawrence,
Hans Werner Henze - Apollo et Hyazinthous,
Nikos Panagiotakis - Nourmania - first Epistle,
Anna Ouzounidou - recitation / performance
George Habidis - performance,
Mirto Belopoulou - dress designer,
Ageliki Sigourou - texts, stage manager, choreography,
Igor Stravinsky - L' Histotie du Soldat,
Nafsika Peppa Triandari - choreography - performance.

Margarita Sygeniotou - mezzo soprano,
Tassos Apostolou - bass baritone,
Giorgos Farougias - bassoon,
Vicky Stylianou - cembalo piano.

With the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music, condacto: Iakovos Konitopoulos.

Parnassos Concert Hall - Concert

Saturday 23 January 2010, 20:30
Greek composers works for saxophone and piano

Efstathios Mavromatis - saxophone
Agellika Papanikolaou - piano

Spyros Papatheodorou (1979):
Glaros, for alto saxophone and piano,

Kostas Stefanou (1968 :
Analoga - antiloga, for soprano alto saxophone and piano,

Thanasis Trikoupis (1969):
Erevos, for piano,

Nikos Panagiotakis (1963 :
for alto saxophone and piano,

Kostantinos Lignos (1948):
for alto saxophone and piano.

Portrait - concert

Friday the 3rd of April 2009, 20:30
The Greek Composers Union in collaboration with Elliniko Odeio is organizing the portrait - concert of the composer Nikos Panagiotakis

His works will be performed by the following musicians:
Rena Kranioti - Singing,
Rozalia Giannoulou - flute,
Aggelika Papanikolaou - piano,
George Dandalias, Nikitas Kissonas, Pandelis Gkertsos
and George Argiropoulos - guitars
the guitarists ensemble «Guitarte» and the choir ensemble «Solitonia»

Anagennissi Conservatory presenting music of Greek Composers

Saturday 29th of November, 7.00 p.m. at "Giannis Ritsos" Hall, Aigaleo (Dimarcheiou 17 & Kountouriotou st., next to the Aigaleo Swimming Center)

There will be perfommed works of:
H. Kanakis, N. Panagiotakis, A. Kalogeras, M. Xatzidakis, A. Anian & G.Minas

Solists, "Anagennisi" Orchestra & the mixed Choir of Anagennissi Conservatory

"Akropoditi" - Dance Thetre Company

AKROPODITI dance theatre company presents the performance "THE STAGE-CRAFT OF BEASTS" in Ermoupolis of Syros, July 27, 28 and 29, Ermoupolia Festival (G. Papandreou st., Ermoupolis) and in Athens, August 1 and 2 (BOOZE cooperativá, 57 Kolokotroni st., Athens).

This year's performance is based on the texts of four major authors, such as Heiner Müller, William Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter. These texts undoubtedly have a timeless value and produce an everlasting source of inspiration for every restless soul and for every form of artistic expression. All the texts are mainly poetic, abstractive, full of philosophical and deeply existential questions, whilst they all deal with loneliness, time, love, death and the superficiality of human nature:
Quartet; a strife, a game of wild power and, finally, the destruction of the other, as different species and, therefore, unknown, threatening, envied and hateful.
Hamlet, Hamletmachine; abused and abuser have the same destiny; due to the circumstances the cruel and violent nature of the wild beast seeks for revenge, shifting from the elimination of the other to self-elimination.
Lullaby; everything comes to the mouth, the ultimate voice of loneliness, the last communication channel of the living being with a dying world.
Request stop; the wounded animal is rejected and therefore it gets wild, like every other wounded animal.

Directed by: Aggeliki Sigourou.
Cast: Mandi Papandreou, Natasa Karagiorgi, Natalia Athanasiadou, Antonis Sporidis, Isidoros Galatsiou, Aggeliki Samoili, Antigoni Houndri, Ioanna Antonarou, Katerina Gaki, Filia Milidaki, Christina Nikolia, Loukia Papageorgiou.
Choreography: Akropoditi company.
Music: Nikos Panagiotakis, Iosif Printezis, Apostolis Dadatsis.
Sets and costumes: Mirto Belopoulou, Marilena Kollia,
Lights and sound: Sthathopoulos - Stavrakopoulos.

Ticket Price: 10€, 6€ student discount
Hours: Ermoupolis 21.30, Athens 22.00

"ENCOUNTERS" - "Akropoditi" Dance Company

Ermoupoleia Festival 2006, Apollo Theatre, Syros
Friday, September 8 20:30

Dance company "Akropoditi" presents this year at the Apollo Theatre in Ermoupolis, Syros the dance theatre performance "Encounters", a two-sided endeavour:
On the one hand, it approaches movement through poetry, objects, voice, image and colour. On the other there is a combined approach the poetry and music works of a great poet and of an exceptional composer. Thus, the encounter is moreover twofold: movement meets words, objects, voices, images and colours, as Sachtouris meets Mozart.
This encounter is not coincidental, since 2006 is a year universally dedicated to Mozart, commemorating the anniversary of 250 years from his birth. Nevertheless, we could not forget that one year has passed since the Miltos Sachtouris passed away.

Hence, we honour both in an encounter aiming to traverse movement through a magical realm made of words and notes.

General supervision and organization: Aggeliki Sigourou.
Choreography: Aggeliki Sigourou - "Akropoditi" Dance Company.
Poetry: Miltos Sachtouris.
ÌïõóéêÞ: W.A. Mozart.
Set and Costume design: Myrto Belopoulos, Antigone Chundri.
Programme design and editing: Myrto Belopoulos.
Adaptation of score and poem "Strange forest enchants my voice" by Miltos Sachtouris: Nikos Panagiotakis.
Electronic music and remix of Barbarina's aria from the opera " The Marriage of Figaro" by W. A. Mozart: Nikos Mylonas.
Members of choir ensemble: Virginia Fragoulatzi, Giannis Zigouris, Dimitris Koskinas, Eytyxia Anagnostopoulou, Thomais Hatzigianni, Krithi Zira, Costas Stefanakis.

Dancers: Natasha Karagiorgis, Nefeli Oikonomos, Manti Papandreou, Natalia Athanasiadi, Filia Milidaki, Ioanna Antonaros, Katerina Gaki, Antonis Sporidis, Aggeliki Samoili, Aggeliki Sigourou.

Abstract from the monthly magazine Jazz & Jazz (February 2006 issue)

Acts of scholarly music

Nikos Panagiotakis
An artistic profile with the opportunity of the presentation of his work "Subsequently" in the Goete Institute two months ago.

"I'm not sure how many of our readers are familiar with the talented musician and music instructor Nikos Panagiotakis and may have had the opportunity to attend one of his concerts in Greece or abroad (in the US). Yet, the level of publicity this creator enjoys is not correspondent -unfortunately- to the impression the music-lover audience obtains from a close or even a remote encounter with his exceptional musical pieces.


Nikos Panagiotakis is excellent in handling his musical material, which he molds with extraordinary talent resulting to an exciting performance. With echoes from the tradition of premier composers as Xenakis, Varese, Cramb, Schnittke, and above all Stravinsky, enriched also with elements from Greek traditional / folklore music, his compositions are equipped with originality and plasticity. They are not rigid neither academic. On the contrary, his conscious effort to avoid the establishment of a specific style or aesthetic value (e.g. serialism, lack of tonality) provides him with the capacity to create exquisite musical images, depending on his disposition of the moment. The diversity of his tone - colour and his various aesthetic approaches can be easily distinguished even in works of the same year. Having as a starting point the study of the works and styles of his favorite composers (he himself quotes Stravinsky exemplifying him as one of the greatest with masterpieces like the "Symphony of Psalms",     the "Ritual of Spring" and the "Soldier's Story") and off course his one and only instructor Theodore Antoniou, Nikos Panagiotakis has embarked on a voyage to discover his eloquence and I personally believe that he has already succeeded. Whenever I listen to his recorded works as "The Deep" and the "String quartet Íï 1" - in spite of the fact that they were composed a decade ago - and off course when I study his manuscripts, I am completely persuaded for his value."


by Thomas Tamvakos

Music of the world

Thursday 01 December 2005
Greek Contemporary Chamber Orchestra


Kostis Kritsotakis (1973)
Spanish studies for two pianos and two percussion players (2005)

Nikos Panagiotakis (1963)
Metepeita for two pianos and two percussion players

George Crumb (1929)
Makrokosmos III (music for a summer evening) for two pianos and two percussion players (2005)

Bela Bartok (1881-1945)
Sonata for two pianos and two percussion players (1937/1940)

Bernd Alois Zimmerman (1918-1970)
Perspektiven (Musik fur ein imaginares Ballet) for two pianos (1955-6)

Theodoros Antoniou (1935)
2 x 2 for two pianos and two percussion players (2001)

Piano: Aggeliki and Maria Bolla
Percussion: Maxim Mankovskiy and Theodor Milkov